New OWLS & Fuzion 2-Day Seminar Dates Announced

Posted March 16, 2017

Are you looking to grow your O&P business?

If yes, you need to attend one of Orthomerica’s Two-Day OWLS/Fuzion seminars!

Remember when cranial remolding orthoses presented a new incremental revenue opportunity for O&P businesses? Orthomerica brought this opportunity to the O&P profession over 15 years ago and it has proven to be a profitable revenue stream for our customers. Now, it’s time to capitalize on the next opportunity – focusing on OWLS and Fuzion product lines!

The OWLS product line provides a unique opportunity for orthotists to work directly with wound care centers, podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons that specialize in treating patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. The OWLS program has a proven clinical track record of accommodating diabetic ulcers classified Wagner 1-4 with custom orthoses while correcting and stabilizing the ankle complex. During this course, you will get “hands-on” training by Jeff Miller, CO and Dr. Larry Suecof, DPM. Not only is wound care interesting and rewarding, it is an effective way to network your Practice! Orthotic care is a very important component of a comprehensive wound care/limb salvage program.

The Fuzion family of orthoses provides a new treatment option for patients historically not candidates for orthotic management and intervention. The proprietary heat adjustable plastic makes patient management much easier than traditional orthoses. Fuzion’s compression design holds the patient in a secure, comfortable position while assisting with spasticity management. Practitioners and therapists are raving about these custom orthoses as the Fuzion style construction accommodates for volume changes and makes cleaning and adjustments easy! Norm Yankus, CO, will present the Fuzion program along with discussing the Spectrum AFO and gauntlet programs.

By attending a Two-Day OWLS/Fuzion Seminar, your company will be listed on Orthomerica’s website as a preferred OWLS/Fuzion facility. As Orthomerica creates more awareness about these programs to wound care centers, physicians and therapists, your company will benefit by getting direct referrals from Orthomerica! You also will receive a $200 coupon for future OWLS/Fuzion products that on a net basis, reduces the cost of this seminar to $295 along with receiving ABC credits!

The feedback from our customers that attended the OWL/Fuzion seminars has been very positive. Space is limited, we encourage you to check here and sign up for an upcoming two-day OWLS/Fuzion seminar as soon as possible!

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