A New STAR is Born.

Introducing STARband® 3D

Discover the latest innovation from Orthomerica—the STARband 3D! This is the newest addition to the STAR Family of cranial remolding orthoses. This new STAR is a testament to our commitment to advancing cranial care programs and achieving exceptional clinical outcomes for infants in need of this treatment.

With over 25 years of experience as the global leader in cranial products, we understand that each infant requires a unique approach. Seven STAR Family designs are customized by cranial experts to address the individual needs of each infant and family.

At Orthomerica, we are committed to supporting the cranial care programs delivered by the largest international network of multidisciplinary cranial experts. This support includes advanced clinical education and training, ongoing research and development, unsurpassed customer service, clinical consultations with our staff of expert cranial clinicians, and a variety of other outreach activities.

STARband clinical care programs are supported by more than 40 independent peer-reviewed publications. Our annual STAR Summit continues to be the premiere clinical conference focusing on infant skull deformities and cranial remolding programs. 25 years of clinical collaboration and design refinement has positioned the STARband as the most prescribed cranial remolding orthosis worldwide.

The STARband 3D is yet another example of our commitment to this special patient population. With 3D printing, we offer different levels of design flexibility, still maintain the structural integrity needed with reduced weight, and minimize waste with environmentally friendly materials.

STARband 3D Features and Benefits

  • Made with the latest additive manufacturing technology
  • Advanced modification algorithms developed over 25 years of experience with more than 600,000 STARbands
  • Zone padding provides adjustability over entire treatment period
  • Finished trim lines
  • Bi-valve design enhances ease of donning/doffing
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Increased ventilation for better airflow and cooling

Experience the difference with Orthomerica’s STAR Family of cranial remolding orthoses and our newest innovation, the STARband 3D!

What are parents saying about the STARband 3D?

“So easy!”

“Very easy to use and the weight and coolness was great.”

“Very thin and lightweight, I like the way it looks.”

“Parents felt like the baby didn’t remember it was on her head—no sweating or skin issues.”

“Very happy with the improvement. Especially at bath time when the hair is flattened out.”

Offer the STARband 3D in your Clinical Practice

Orthomerica customers certified through the STARband Cranial Course (SCC) to provide the STARband are eligible to provide the STARband 3D.

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