Custom Fabricated Orthoses

It goes without saying that every patient is unique. That’s why Orthomerica takes particular pride in its ability to custom fit their products to any patient with any need. The result will always be an exceptionally designed high-quality orthosis supported by unparalleled clinical and technical support. Orthomerica is the one source for truly custom product solutions – 100% custom, 100% of the time.

Clinical and Technical Expertise

Orthomerica’s dedication to custom fabricated orthoses begins with a staff of certified orthotists and skilled technicians. The custom fabrication department is managed by a certified orthotist and is supported by a team of dedicated customer service representatives who specialize in custom orthoses.

Custom Fabrication

When selecting a custom fabrication facility to be an extension of your clinical practice, you need to be assured that the company has the manufacturing, technical and clinical resources to deliver superior quality and service. Your partnership with Orthomerica allows you to extend your fabrication capabilities and supports your efforts to focus on exceptional and timely patient care.

Orthomerica is dedicated to operational excellence within our technologically-advanced manufacturing facility. We were one of the first O&P manufacturers to receive ISO-9001 certification and we are now ISO-13485 Certified. We remain committed to following defined quality standards within all facets of our organization.

Custom Spinal Orthoses

Orthomerica’s Custom Spinal Fabrication Department produces a wide range of spinal orthoses, such as low profile TLSOs to control mechanical back pain, CTLSOs for high thoracic fractures or instabilities and LSOs with thigh extension for multiple fractures and instability. The spinal designs featured on these web pages represent a small sample of Orthomerica’s spinal capabilities. All custom spinal orders are available with a variety of components and designs allowing you to order the perfect orthosis for your patient. Practitioners are invited to consult with our on-site orthotist and spinal specialty staff for creative solutions for unique or challenging spinal cases.

Custom Lower Extremity Orthoses

Orthomerica’s Custom Fabrication Department offers a number of custom lower extremity orthoses for both functional and fracture bracing. Whether you require a non-operative or post-operative fracture brace, a functional clamshell Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis or a more involved HKAFO with hip spica, our custom fabrication technicians can fabricate a custom-to-measurement or custom-to-cast orthosis unique to your patient's pathology.

Custom Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Orthomerica’s Custom Fabrication Department offers a wide selection of custom Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs) including our most recent Fuzion AFO, the Spectrum AFO System including leather & synthetic gauntlets, functional AFOs, CROW Walker Neuropathic AFO and the TC Flex system of adult and pediatric dynamic AFOs.

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