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Orthotic Options for Patients with Cerebral Palsy

Credit Hours 4.5 (S)

New Course! Added Febuary 22, 2017

Cerebral Palsy is a complex disorder that presents with neurological, muscular, proprioceptive, and orthopedic pathology that is unique to each individual. This presentation provides a framework to help practitioners get a greater understanding of the complexities associated with Cerebral Palsy and what orthotic options are available through Orthomerica.

The TC Flex product line has successfully treated patients with Cerebral Palsy for years. Spasticity is one of the greatest challenges practitioners face when treating patients with cerebral Palsy.

The Fuzion Orthotic System was designed by combining compression therapy with orthopedic braces to aid in the management of spasticity.

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Latest Advances in the Orthotic Management of Diabetic Patients

Credit Hours 2.5 (S)

This presentation examines the history of wound care progressing to current day acknowledgment that successful care includes removing pressure at the wound site. Participants will learn to grade diabetic ulcers according to the Wagner grading scale. Participants will learn how to evaluate pressure ulcers, measure for the OWLS system, and deliver an effective orthosis in order to facilitate wound closure.

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Innovative Solutions for Pediatric and Adult Patients Featuring the Fuzion and Spectrum Product Lines

Credit Hours 2.5 (S)

This presentation examines the phrases of normal gait in comparison to pathological gait. Part of the lecture featured proper biomechanical assessment to achieve better outcomes. The two products featured demonstrated their unique features/advantages to help the practitioner understand why these products were developed and how these products can enhance your practice.

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