New Fuzion AFO Strut Options

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The next generation of Fuzion designs provides lower profile options for patients with challenging bony architecture. Orthomerica’s 2 new Fuzion AFO designs have a new low-profile plastic inner shell trim option. 

  1. The addition of a semi-rigid composite strut to this design allows for dorsiflexion but resists plantarflexion.
  2. Rigid composite strut resists both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. The unique needs of each patient will determine the optimal design choices.

Key Features


1. Low Profile Plastic Trim (Polypropylene)

Leg size determines Polypropylene thickness. Low trim lines avoid bony prominences.

2. Carbon Composite Posterior Strut

The posterior strut will be wider for the rigid option and narrower for the semi-rigid. The length of the strut will be from the bottom of the gastrocnemius muscle belly to the metatarsal heads.

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