A challenge to the "gold standard".

Introducing shark-o™ shark logo  the Charcot Orthosis.

The “shark-o style” CROW Orthosis is a viable design that makes fitting and follow-up of the Charcot foot easier and more effective. Its design features reduce orthosis weight and pressure to the plantar foot surface as compared to the traditional CROW.

illustration Patent pending design allows adjustable volume changes of the calf while leaving the foot at a set volume. This is achieved by overlapping the foot section, locking it in place while at the same time smoothly underlapping the calf area allowing the anterior shell to slide easily under the posterior.

This transition is made possible by the notched wedge shaped trim cutout at the ankle/instep. The patient can easily adjust for daily calf volume (edema) changes with simple strap adjustments.

photo showing overlap and underlap

Read the shark-o clinical paper.

image of paper Download Paper

US & International Patents Pending