A-Flex Protective Headgear

Posted May 14, 2014

The A-Flex Protective Headgear is fabricated from a flexible plastic that readily conforms to varying head shapes making it easy-to-fit upon demand. The protection is ideal for low impact forces that are distributed across the entire surface without cracking or penetrating. The headgear is equipped with chin straps that are recommended for active and noncompliant patients. The posterior strap “locks” the device below the mastoids and accommodates size variations while the lateral straps are used for easy donning and doffing. Lateral straps and side-slits are also optional. The A-Flex features ventilation holes to reduce trapped heat. It can be easily trimmed with a pair of shop snips without the need for complex equipment and tools. It can be stocked in various sizes.

Clinical Indications

  • Post-operative craniectomy or craniotomy
  • Cranial vault reconstruction or other cranial surgery
  • Skull anomalies
  • Seizure disorders
  • Self-injurious behavior related to head banging, hair pulling, etc.
  • Instability secondary to poor balance and/or equilibrium reactions


  • Individuals who are at high risk for facial injuries (Custom products including face guards and other forms of cranial protection are available from Orthomerica)
  • Individuals requiring high impact protection
Size Blue Pink White Circumference
Pediatric SM 783.01S 783.21S 783.61S 40-43 cm
Pediatric MD 783.02S 783.22S 783.62S 43-46 cm
Pediatric LG 783.03S 783.23S 783.63S 46-48 cm
Pediatric XL 783.04S 783.24S 783.64S 48-51 cm
Adult XS 783.05S 783.25S 783.65S 51-53 cm
Adult SM 783.06S 783.26S 783.66S 53-56 cm
Adult MD 783.07S 783.27S 783.67S 56-58 cm
Adult LG 783.08S 783.28S 783.68S 58-61 cm
Adult XL 783.09S 783.29S 783.69S 61-64 cm
Adult 2X 783.10S 783.30S 783.70S 64-66 cm


Custom A-Flex with Transfer Pattern 783
Transfer Pattern Upgrade 124
Chin Strap Kit–Blue 783.15
Chin Strap Kit–Pink 783.14
Chin Strap Kit–White 783.13
Chin Strap Kit–Transfer Pattern 783.16
Replacement Side Strap Kit–Blue 783.17
Replacement Side Strap Kit–Pink 783.18
Replacement Side Strap Kit–White 783.20
Replacement Side Strap Kit–Custom 783.19
*Straps are one-size-fits-all

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