California Catalina

The California Catalina Orthosis is easy-to-fit and simple for the patient to don and doff. The orthosis limits motion and provides effective compression for the relief of lower back pain — making it ideal throughout rehabilitation. The Catalina 631 and 637 both deliver effective compression to the region of pain localizing the patient’s therapy while maintaining comfort for the patient. The Catalina 637 also contains rigid side panels which provide additional lateral support. The lightweight and low profile design of the Catalina product line allows for individuals to continue normal daily activities without impingement and interference from the orthosis.

  • Post-operative laproscopic disk replacement
  • Post-operative IDET procedures (Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty)
  • Post-operative lumbar laminectomy
  • Post-operative spinal fusion
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Mechanical back pain with activities of daily living
  • When spinal control of extension and flexion is desired/required
Size Fits Waists CA Catalina 631 CA Catalina 637
XS-SM 22"-30" 3386.631.01 3386.637.01
MD 30"-38" 3386.631.02 3386.637.02
LG  38"-46" 3386.631.03 3386.637.03
XL/2X 46"-54" 3386.631.04 3386.637.04
3X/4X  54"-62" 3386.631.05 3386.637.05