Fuzion SMO

Fuzion SMOs offer medial/lateral support in the frontal plane with maximum comfort. The compression design of the Fuzion SMO helps to relax the foot. The Fuzion SMO can be fabricated utilizing Orthomerica’s unique heat adjustable plastic inner shell for ease of adjustability for pressure relief. If preferred, the plastic inner shell can be trimmed so that only soft foam is against the patient’s bony prominences. Both of these features will allow for greater comfort and control.

  • Medial/lateral ankle instability
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Intolerance to standard plastic SMOs
  • Fuzion’s compression design holds the patient in a secure comfortable position while assisting with spasticity management
  • Can be fabricated with heat adjustable plastic inner shell
  • Can be fabricated with cut-out reliefs over bony prominences
  • Can allow for greater comfort and control for fluctuating edema
  • Available for both select pediatric and adult patients