Fuzion AFO

The Fuzion AFO allows greater fit, function and freedom for challenging foot deformations vs. traditional AFOs.

The circumferential wrap of the Fuzion holds the foot firmly and comfortably in a more structured biomechanical position instead of trying to seat the foot with two or three straps. The Fuzion’s design and materials ensure greater patient compliance for a variety of challenging clinical indications.


Pediatric Patients

  • Flaccid Drop Foot
  • Spastic Plantarflexion
  • Control
  • Hind Foot Varus or Valgus Instability
  • Nocturnal Positioning Control
  • Pressure Sensitive Patients

Adult Patients

  • Spastic Plantarflexion Control
  • Progressive Hindfoot Deformity Control
  • Progressive Forefoot Deformity Control
  • Pressure Sensitive Patients


  • New treatment options for patients historically not candidates for orthotic intervention & management
  • Design encapsulates the foot and leg with greater control and comfort resulting in better compliance
  • Optional and unique heat adjustable plastic makes patient management much easier vs. traditional AFOs
  • Bi-valved and tongue options allow for better management of patients with fluctuating edema
  • Available for both select adult and pediatric patients