Carbon Laminate Alignment Walker

The inspiration in developing the CLAW technology was to address the primary deficits presented by patients with Charcot foot syndrome, foot ulcerations and other orthopedic conditions of the foot and ankle. The CLAW provides a triplanar alignment tool that increases stability while standing, and also provides a smooth heel compression and dynamic rocker action while walking.

The clinician benefits by precisely and efficiently aligning the orthosis in the patient fitting room, without the time-consuming sole adjustments required on conventional designs.

The CLAW System triplanar design features

Sagittal plane:
Up to 6° (plus or minus 3°each direction) tilt leg anterior / posterior

Coronal plane:
Up to 6° (plus or minus 3°each direction) tilt leg medial / lateral

Transverse plane:
Unlimited adjustment of line of progression of the footplate with respect to the orthosis

The CLAW allows for progressive adjustments to accommodate the many variables of a patient’s gait, all performed in the fitting room after walking assessments. The incremental adjustments of the CLAW system provide the patient with a more normal and fluid gait, encourage more walking activities, and minimize gait deviations often seen with other orthoses.

The advanced design and composite materials used in the CLAW create a dynamic rocker. Early and late stance phases are fine-tuned to the unique characteristics of the patient, while mid-stance stability remains a primary focus. The unique composite technology addresses three key components of disrupted walking patterns:

  1. Altering the impact forces during initial loading
  2. Affecting the amount of time spent on the limb during walking
  3. Improving balance by minimizing gait deviations

The CLAW is available as an upgrade to any OWLS WHO™ or shark-o™ design for patients up to 350 pounds.