STARband cleaning instructions when no rubbing alcohol is available

Dear STARband® Customer,

We have received several questions about the shortage of unscented rubbing alcohol due to the coronavirus.

As a reminder, within the Wear and Care Instructions as part of the STARband Labeling Information, only unscented rubbing alcohol should be used to clean the inside of the STARband. Other cleaners such as soap, water, bleach, or perfume may cause skin irritation.

The first recommendation is to continue to monitor the availability of unscented rubbing alcohol from online stores or local drug and grocery stores who are rationing the purchase of these products.

If rubbing alcohol is not an option, consider an unscented, hypoallergenic soap or shampoo. Using a soapy washcloth, scrub the inside of the orthosis. Use a clean, wet washcloth, start at the top of the orthosis and scrub down to remove all soap residue from the orthosis. Do not submerge or soak the orthosis under water. Dry with a paper towel and leave out to dry completely before continuing with patient wear.

Continue to monitor the patient’s skin daily. The orthosis can be wiped down at diaper changes with a damp paper towel and pat dry to remove sweat and keep the environment inside the orthosis dry. Return to unscented rubbing alcohol to clean the orthosis as soon as possible.

Best regards to all of our STARband customers and patients,

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