20th Annual STAR Summit

In October of 2023, Orthomerica proudly hosted its 20th Annual STAR Summit in Orlando, FL.

The STAR Summit is the premier cranial interdisciplinary conference for clinicians treating infants with various cranial deformities. As the global leader in cranial remolding orthoses, Orthomerica is honored to host this three-day event that brings together cranial clinicians and allied healthcare providers from around the world to share their experiences and promote the highest level of care for infants with skull deformities.

The STAR Summit allows cranial clinicians to collaborate with leading pediatric physicians and other clinicians on a variety of cranial topics including deformational head shapes, craniosynostosis, new clinical studies, outcomes, and best practices.

Over the years, the attendance at the Summit has grown as our STAR Family of friends and colleagues has grown.

The STAR Summit is always a memorable and educational experience as Orthomerica and our STAR family of friends work to advance cranial care and achieve exceptional outcomes.

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