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The History

Successful treatment of the diabetic foot ulcer depends on many medical variables. One thing that remains constant — the pressure, trauma, or deformity that caused the wound must be corrected and relieved.

When the patient with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy exhibits gait deviations due to ankle instability, foot deformity or contracture, repeated micro trauma may cause ulceration to a particular part of the foot. Contractures of the achilles tendon can often lead to midfoot, forefoot, or digital ulcers. Likewise, ankle instability or a lax achilles tendon can contribute to heel ulceration in the insensate limb.

Most diabetic ulcers are secondary to an orthopedic anomaly and neuropathic foot. Healing success and healing time depend on medical factors such as a patient’s general health, controlled A1C, vascular health, and weight, to mention just a few. Maximal correction and unloading of the anomaly is imperative for the fastest possible positive outcome.

In 2005, Jeff Miller C.O. began providing orthotic wound care to what became a large segment of the diabetic population in Hartford, Connecticut. The attending surgeon challenged his staff to develop an orthotic wound program that would complement the ongoing wound therapies and post-operative care being offered at the Wound Center.

The Goal: To keep our patient population ambulatory while stabilizing the foot and ankle and supporting or correcting the limb to promote all of the health benefits associated with mobility.

The OWLS Program is a culmination of ten + years of clinical orthotic development — accommodating diabetic ulcers classified Wagner 1-4 with custom orthoses while correcting and stabilizing the ankle complex.

As a Wound Center team member, Jeff had the opportunity to develop close professional relationships with the other team members including Podiatric, Vascular, and Plastic Surgeons.

Not only is wound care interesting and rewarding, it is an effective way to network your Practice! Orthotic care is a very important component of a comprehensive wound care/limb salvage program.

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