Laser Data Acquisition System

The STARscanner® Laser Data Acquisition System replaces the need for plaster casting. In less than 2 seconds, the eye-safe laser collects the baby’s head shape data. 3-D data can be viewed in multiple planes. This captured data is transmitted to Orthomerica for fabrication of the cranial orthosis.

STARscanner Features

  • Class 1 laser-scanning device
  • Scans infant’s head shape in two seconds or less eliminating the need for plaster casting
  • Used to order custom cranial remolding orthoses from Orthomerica
  • Capture 3-D data that can be viewed in multiple planes

Computer not included.

The STARscanner can save your facility time and money, and offers many benefits, including:

  • Save time—Eliminates the casting process for ordering cranial remolding orthoses.
  • Save shipping costs—There is no need to package and ship a cast—STARscans and order specifications are emailed to Orthomerica.
  • Eliminate the traditional casting process—The casting process is often considered by some practitioners and parents to be traumatic and uncomfortable for infants. However, with the STARscanner, there is no plaster mess and fewer tears from infants and parents.
  • Accurate—Up to + / – 0.5 mm.
  • Safe—The STARscanner has been classified as a Class 1 laser scanning device. Class 1 lasers are low-power lasers and are eye safe during all normal operating conditions. Other Class 1 laser products include laser printers, CD players, and CD-ROM devices.
  • Easy to use—Can be operated by one person, requiring only basic computing skills.