Laser Data Acquisition System

The STARscanner® Laser Data Acquisition System facilitates high-volume scanning of infants and is used by leading children’s hospitals and cranial clinics around the world.

The STARscanner delivers the fastest scan to report data available while providing the most linear and volume data specific to cranial – including anatomical features and neck area data. 3D data can be viewed in multiple planes and captured data is easily and accurately transmitted to Orthomerica for cranial orthosis fabrication.

Saves clinical time and money

STARscanner Benefits

  • Better facilitates clinics with high volume
  • Scans infant’s head shape in less than two seconds
  • Delivers full cranial detail in ~15 minutes less time than handheld scanners
  • Provides clear craniofacial imaging
  • Captures 3D data that can be viewed in multiple planes
  • Data scored locally is more secure than cloud-based systems
  • Pre- and post-operative scans for craniosynostosis
  • Comprehensive printouts improve tracking of treatment progress
  • STARscans and order specifications easily uploaded to Orthomerica

STARscanner Features

  • Class 1 laser-scanning device is eye-safe
  • FDA-cleared for safety and accuracy
  • Accurate up to ± 0.5 mm
  • Easy to use by one person
  • Localized data storage
  • Used to order custom cranial remolding orthoses from Orthomerica

Over 200 STARscanners are in use at prestigious institutions around the world.

Computer not included.

For more information contact

Christina Hinton, CP
Cranial Products Manager
(407) 505-4943
[email protected]