Synergy™ sockets—custom templates created to your unique designs

The Synergy CAD socket system features proven CAD socket designs that can be modified to meet most patients’ needs. Spawning of these distinct shapes morphs your unique designs and templates into highly customized prosthetic sockets — bridging the gap between CAD and hand modification.

  • Synergy CTM fabricated from measurements
  • Multiple brim styles to choose from
  • Available in PETG/Vivak, Northplex, ThermoLyn, or equivalent
  • Same-day turnaround for orders before noon (EST)
  • After noon (EST/MT): 1-day turnaround

CJ Socket

Trans-femoral Test Socket by Measurement

Designed to address residual limb volume change (RLVC), the CJ Socket allows the patient to easily maintain a precise volumetric fit and avoid weight-bearing and skeletal control issues by simply adjusting the closure.


  • Cooler to wear than traditional sockets—posterior half of the socket is fabric
  • Less complicated than other adjustable sockets
  • Anterior trim lies flat along inguinal ligament and doesn’t thrust into the abdomen

The Sail

  • More comfort in sitting = increased wear time
  • Maximum hip flexion/extension and zero pelvic tilt while sitting
  • Amputees can feel surfaces they sit on

Adjustability—Closures and Options

  • 2 Closure types (2:1 loop, 1:1 Velcro®)
  • Can be donned in sitting
  • No need to carry socks to maintain proper fit


  • Initially developed for K1-K2 amputees, but can be used by all K Levels
  • Patients that experience fluctuating residual limb volume, and new amputees

Forms & Documents


First Stage & Second Stage Sockets
• Check, BK, and AK Sockets
• Short turnaround times
All Modifications & Fabrications available
• Highest Quality materials • Positive foam carvings
• Cast Modifications • Symes
• Elevated Vacuum • Knee Disartic
• RMB • Joints & Corsets • Expandable Walls
• Foam Covers
Most scans and casts accepted
• Unencrypted .stl format
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