Orthomerica Anniversary
Press Release

Orthomerica® Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation and Success

Orlando, Florida (February 28, 2024) – Orthomerica, a technology innovator and leading designer in the orthopedic and orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) industries, announced the celebration of its 35th anniversary. Since its founding in 1989, Orthomerica has operated with a clear vision and a desire to be the best. That commitment

Product Spotlight

New Fuzion AFO Strut Options

The next generation of Fuzion designs provides lower profile options for patients with challenging bony architecture. Orthomerica’s 2 new Fuzion AFO designs have a new low-profile plastic inner shell trim option.  The addition of a semi-rigid composite strut to this design allows for dorsiflexion but resists plantarflexion. Rigid composite strut


AllSTAR Team Launched with Over 100 Locations Worldwide and Growing!

Orthomerica is proud to announce the launch of the AllSTAR team of cranial clinicians. This clinical network is made up of exceptional clinicians dedicated to the care of infants with deformational plagiocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis using the STAR® Family of cranial remolding orthoses manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc. The AllSTAR


STARband cleaning instructions when no rubbing alcohol is available

Dear STARband® Customer, We have received several questions about the shortage of unscented rubbing alcohol due to the coronavirus. As a reminder, within the Wear and Care Instructions as part of the STARband Labeling Information, only unscented rubbing alcohol should be used to clean the inside of the STARband. Other

Product Spotlight

California High Profile TLSO Donning & Doffing Video

California Spinal California High Profile TLSO The California High Profile TLSO is available in two designs (460/464) and requires customization made by a qualified clinician (orthotist) to effectively fit each patient. The High Profile TLSO provides stability and triplanar control where indicated to reduce spinal muscle atrophy and deconditioning. Read