Upload scan orders

  1. Scan your patient according to your scanning device’s instructions. If you are unable to capture the shape in a stationary position with your device, you may need to cast the patient, fill the cast with plaster and scan the positive model. Be sure to save your scan file(s).
  2. Download and fill out a PDF Order Form and save the file to your hard drive.
  3. Fill in the requested information in the form below and attach the .STL files (this is our preferred file format) along with the completed order form to submit and upload the order.
  4. Once you have all the files attached, click “Upload”.
  5. If all files are uploaded successfully, you will see a confirmation notice.
  6. Once all files are received at OPI, we will review your submitted order and inspect paperwork/files before proceeding for fabrication.
  7. After verification of your order, OPI will send you an e-mail notification with your confirmation number. This confirmation number will be your sales order and invoice number.

 Please Note

Scans received past noon Eastern time are processed on the following business day.
Please only submit Lower extremity, Upper extremity, and Spinal orders here.
Please only submit Cranial orders here.
Please only submit Prosthetic orders here.

The scan and the order information must meet quality control standards as defined by Orthomerica protocol prior to beginning fabrication. Practitioners will be contacted regarding issues with the scan, measurements, or paperwork.

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