New and enhanced features with eBrace® Global and CurveCapture™ O&P for Apple® iPhone® 11(s), 12(s)

Key clinical benefits

  • New features to organize scans by patient profile
  • Enhanced device security
  • Additional labels sort patient scans during the treatment program—Fabrication, Follow-up and End-of-treatment
  • Administrator visibility over patient profiles in multiple user accounts

SmartCam™ for fast, safe, and accurate video scans

  • Apple iPhone 11(s), 12(s) with iOS®
  • User friendly—requires minimal training to use
  • Accurate to 0.1%
  • Generic model on the device display shows real-time SmartScan® progress
  • Scanning halo turns green, indicating optimal stand-off distance
  • Allows patient movement during a SmartScan
  • Portable—easily taken to clinics and satellite offices

CurveCapture™ O&P App converts 2D video images to a 3D model

  • Revolutionary technology analyzes 2D video images for optimal 3D conversion in the cloud
  • HIPAA compliant

eBrace® Global web portal

  • Allows users to review the 3D Model
  • Platform for ordering STAR® Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses and Prosthetics from Orthomerica

System Starter Kit

  • SmartCam loaded with CurveCapture O&P mobile app
  • 1-year software license — valid for two users per SmartCam
  • Access to eBrace Global web portal for clinical assessment, reports, and ordering
  • Camera bag

Cranial Starter Kit

  • 13 Cranial SmartSoc Sleeves (3 sleeves each of SM, MD and L sizes, plus 1 sleeve each of four new sizes: XS, SM/MD, MD/LG and XL)
  • 6 Registration tags
  • 2 cranial circumference tape measures
  • Training cranial mold
  • 240 anatomical markers
  • Toy light-up fan (for infant distraction)

Prosthetic Starter Kit

  • 14 prosthetic sleeves (2 of each, sizes 2 through 8)
  • 6 Registration tags
  • 240 anatomical markers
  • SmartCam mirror extension (aids in scanning posterior of residual limb)
  • SmartSoc prosthetic training mold and mold stand

Product Offerings

  • STAR family of cranial remolding orthoses
  • Custom protective helmets
  • Prosthetics
  • More modules to come!

Existing Orthomerica customers, please send SmartSoc inquiries to [email protected].

*SmartSoc devices will be provided and configured by Orthomerica.