3D Image Capture

The clinically proven pocket-sized 3D image capturing system.

The Apple® iPhone® and the Prosthetic Module are the latest additions to the SmartSoc 3D Capturing System from Orthomerica. Clinicians now have the freedom to choose where they send their prosthetic scans for manufacturing including Orthomerica, custom fabrication facilities, or their own labs.

SmartCam™ for fast, safe, and accurate video scans

  • Samsung® Galaxy S7® with Android™ OS -or-
  • Apple iPhone 7 with iOS®*
  • User friendly—requires minimal training to use
  • Accurate to 0.1%
  • Generic model on the device display shows real-time SmartScan™ progress
  • Scanning halo turns green, indicating optimal stand-off distance
  • Allows patient movement during a SmartScan
  • Portable—easily taken to clinics and satellite offices

CurveCapture™ App converts 2D video images to a 3D model

  • Revolutionary technology analyzes 2D video images for optimal 3D conversion in the cloud
  • HIPAA compliant

eBrace® web portal

  • Allows users to review the 3D model
  • Platform for ordering STAR® family of cranial remolding orthoses from Orthomerica and sending prosthetic scans to third-party fabricators

Product Offerings

  • Prosthetics
  • STAR family of cranial remolding orthoses
  • Custom protective helmets
  • More modules to come!