Alternative to Standard Orthoses

  • Proprietary heat adjustable plastic to enhance the orthotic management programs for challenging patient profiles
  • New treatment options for patients experiencing the need to:
    • Address heightened sensitivities to touch, pressure, movement and temperature
    • Decrease excessive loading of ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints
    • Provide circumferential joint and segment stabilization
    • Address unresolved pressures
    • Accommodate volume changes
    • Optimize wearing opportunities for patients with limited acceptance of more traditional plastic designs
  • Easy cleaning for daily, part-time and transitional wearing programs
  • Available for both pediatric and adult patients

Fuzion is the process of joining clinical expertise with advanced materials to form a comprehensive treatment program for challenging patient profiles. Some of the most complex patients struggle with pain, discomfort, excessive pressures, stability, control, mobility, and heightened sensitivities that impact motivation and potentially detract from an optimal orthotic treatment program. Current concepts in patient care have identified five key components for success:

Custom, Comfort, Control, Compression, Compliance

  • Counterbalance the negative influences of sensory integration dysfunction
  • Decrease abnormal loading of ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints
  • Allow transitional programs — part-time, full-time, non-ambulatory, activity-specific, etc.
  • Provide circumferential joint and segment stability
  • Compression may help to suppress spastic responses
  • Manage sensorimotor and proprioceptive input
  • Decrease progression of deformities and further complications
  • Increase mobility
  • Address unresolved pressures
  • Improve quality of life for patients and caregivers

Sensory integration dysfunctions are often among the most difficult to address, especially with complex patient profiles and cognitive limitations. Patients often experience heightened sensitivities to touch, pressure, movement and/or temperature. Symptoms such as hyperalgesia, allodynia and hyperpathia are found in many different diagnoses (E.g., diabetes, peripheral neuropathies, Guillian-Barre, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.). With allodynia, the patient experiences a painful response to what would normally be considered an innocuous stimulus. Patients with hyperalgesia experience an increased or exaggerated response to discomfort or a painful stimulus. Either condition can limit the acceptance or ability to acclimate to an orthosis.

These most challenging patients led to the development of the Fuzion systems. The multidurometer material blends softer materials for increased comfort over a rigid material to maintain control and alignment. Circumferential designs add hydrostatic forces over soft tissue segments. This is very similar to applications used in the sports arena to enhance muscle recovery, lower perceived pain and fatigue, decrease muscle soreness and prevent damage to contractile muscle fibers. Compression may also help in reducing stress, anxiety and fear along with suppression of spastic responses in some of the rehabilitation populations.

The designs and features of the Fuzion systems can be a successful alternative to traditional orthotic management of challenging patients. Clinical experience has shown that the total contact, circumferential plastic and foam materials are well tolerated by many patients. Feedback from patients, orthotists, therapists and family members confirms this. Protecting joint integrity, positioning for optimal function, and preventing continued progression are foundational components of improving the quality of life for patients.

Fuzion AFO Strut Options

The next generation of Fuzion designs provides lower profile options for patients with challenging bony architecture.

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