TC Flex AFO TC Flex AFO System

After years of fabricating some of the industry’s highest quality pediatric total contact foot orthoses, Orthomerica’s TC Flex System now includes many options in one base price, making it easier for you to select the product without having to add and pay for extra features. TC Flex custom AFOs come completely equipped with transfer patterns on straps and orthosis, felt pads, non-skid bottoms, heel post, tone reducing modifications & toe pads as well as our double density tongue design for added comfort. Experience the increasing benefits of a Total Contact, Total Control- TC Flex orthosis.

Molded Inner Boot (MIB)

Compared to normal liners, the MIB offers more comfort and strength. Softness and intimate fit are not compromised for durability in this flexible design. The MIB is nearly indestructible and almost impossible to tear. Take the challenge and consider including a MIB with your patient’s next AFO.


Hindfoot Control Orthoses

Control the hind-foot and mid-foot position to provide a stable base of support.

Sagittal Control Orthoses

Have varying levels of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion control without the use of articulating joints. Two of the designs in this group are two-part (combo) orthoses.

Articulating Orthoses

Provide free dorsiflexion with limited or blocked plantarflexion through the use of hinges and plantarflexion stops.

Floor Reaction Orthoses

Reactors consist of orthoses with the potential to block dorsiflexion or provide precise range of motion for both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. Orthoses include solid, articulated, and adjustable styles.

Transfer Pattern Guide

Choose how to decorate your AFO with this Transfer Guide.

AFO/KAFO Prefabricated Base Orthoses and Custom–Fabricated Additions - Billing Reminder