Newport 3

Unique patented disk technology adjusts easily for hip development.

The Newport 3 Hip Orthosis has been the industry standard for over a decade. Innovations like the patented clamping disks, allowing precise contouring of the pelvic section and the Universal Virtual Joint, which provides unprecedented strength in a small component, have made the Newport Hip Orthosis the most popular choice for physicians, orthotists, and patients, worldwide.


  • Post-operative hip revision patients
  • Primary arthroplasty patients at risk to dislocate
  • Patients needing stability after dislocation
  • Inoperable patients requiring hip stabilization
  • Patients who can benefit from a hip orthosis to reinforce hip precautions

Key Benefits

Unisex Pelvic Component

  • Male/Female adjustability with unique patented disk technology
  • Single-push click’n close fastener for simple donning and doffing,
  • Chafe and loop also available

Virtual Hip Joint

  • Abduction, adduction, flexion, extension adjustments

Optional, unilateral ARC™ (Anti-Rotation Cable) is available.

  • Infinite adjustment of internal/external rotation
  • Modular—fits all Newport® Hip Systems
  • Washable, CoolFoam™ liner
  Model # with Virtual Hip Joint  
  With Assembled Side Specific
Thigh Cuff
With Universal
Thigh Cuff
    Thigh Circ.
Size Left Right  (sold unassembled) Waist Circ. Hip Circ. Proximal Distal
Small 3640 3645 3640.40 22″-28″ 26″-32″ 15″-21″ 12″-17″
Medium 3641 3646 3641.41 28″-34″ 32″-38″ 17″-24″ 13″-18″
Large 3642 3647 3642.42 34″-40″ 38″-44″ 19″-27″ 14″-20″
X-Large 3643 3648 3643.43 40″-46″ 44″-50″ 21″-29″ 17″-23″
Orthomerica Newport 3 Sales Sheet