OWLS lite

Heel, Midfoot or Forefoot Relief

The OWLS lite was designed to treat Wagner 0-1 plantar ulcers. It is an easy off-the-shelf solution to early developing wounds. The pneumatic bladder helps to reduce shear in the foot portion. The removable plantar sections are made from diabetic-friendly materials and are easily removable to create additional relief at the wound site. OWLS lite is the perfect alternative to orthopedic healing sandals.

OWLS lite designs are available in small to extra large sizes.


  • Designed to reduce pressure for Wagner 0 and 1 plantar pressure ulcers


  • Pneumatic ankle bladder to reduce anterior shear motion and friction on the foot
  • Removable plantar foot sections to allow specific and localized pressure reduction
  • Neuropathic-friendly foams in the plantar foot section
  • Off-the-shelf design to allow immediate fit in the clinic
  • Easy donning and doffing