WHO — Midfoot

Midfoot/Walking AFO

Custom to Cast or Scan from all industry standard file formats. Features: Liner made from ¼” aliplast foam. Outer shell constructed of polypropylene for maximum control of the foot and ankle complex. Molded anterior internal shell to limit shear forces and lock the leg in securely. Tri-laminated foot bed consisting of two densities EVA and one layer of P-Cell® to help protect the foot during treatment. The foot bed may be designed to provide wound relief at the midfoot or forefoot. An outer sole has a rocker at the forefoot to provide transition to toe off during ambulation. Distal plastic guard helps protect toes.


  • Any orthopedic anomaly that requires stabilization or support for ambulation
  • Relief for midfoot ulcer during ambulation
  • Post-TAL with plantar ulcer
  • Immediate post-op forefoot or midfoot amputation
  • Post Charcot support and Rocker Foot support
  • Post-Calcanectomy