First helmet for postendoscopic craniectomy


  • Clear plastic shell with foam pads


  • One piece living hinge


  • Post-operative Craniosynostosis release

*Selection of cranial remolding orthosis design and treatment protocol is subject to clinical evaluation and physician prescription.

  • Designed in cooperation with renowned physicians, Dr. Jimenez and Dr. Barone specifically for post-operative endoscopic craniectomy cranial remolding orthosis therapy
  • STARlight PRO design is in direct response to their style of surgery, protocols and procedures
  • A series of STARlight PROs are used for a period of 18 months immediately following surgery
  • The STARlight PRO has been tested and proven to work for the last 10 years
  • Orthomerica received 510k for STARlight PRO designs in July 2009
  • 6 specific orthoses pad configurations available depending on suture release procedure: bi-coronal, bi-lambdodial, metopic, sagittal, uni-coronal and unilambdodial