Prime Elbow System

Pre-assembled Range of Motion Elbow System

Available pre-fabricated, custom-to-measurements, and custom-to-cast

The unique prefabricated Prime® modular elbow system is effective for many upper extremity indications. Its lightweight, comfort, and adjustable range of motion joints facilitate application in clinical or office settings with a minimum of tools.

The upper and lower arm sections are modular, allowing interchangeability to meet specific patient size requirements. The standard orthosis includes an adjustable anodized aluminum lateral joint and a single-axis plastic medial joint for stability. A medial adjustable joint is available as an option.

The lower arm component can be a wrist-hand design or an ulnar sleeve with no wrist-hand extension, depending on the need to limit rotation at the elbow.

The orthosis has been found effective for, among other indications, olecranon fractures, proximal radial/ulnar fractures, following surgery for Type III elbow injuries, and postoperatively following elbow arthroplasty.

Ease of application/removal facilitates sock/dressing changes and wound inspection. Lightweight and durability encourage longer-term wear and patient compliance.

The Prime can also be fabricated custom-to-measurements for same-day shipment or custom-to-cast for same-day shipment the day the negative cast is received.

With Ulnar Component

Model #Upper Arm Circ.
SizeLeftRightProx.Dist.Forearm Circ.Ulnar Comp. Length

Kit includes 2 Colles’ socks (Model # 4134), sling

With Wrist-Hand Component

Model #Upper Arm Circ.Lower Arm Circ.
SizeLeftRightProx.Dist.Prox. Circ.Dist.Circ.Palm
Comp. Length
Small113011359″-11″7″-9″9″7″2½”- 3″10½”

Kit includes 2 Colles’ socks (Model # 4134), sling
All components are interchangeable as well as available separately.
Available with Bilateral Aluminum Joints (Model # 1146) upgrade charge applies
Available CTM with Bilateral Aluminum Wrist Joints (Model # 620) upgrade charge applies

Wrist Joints

(available separately)

Model #
Aluminum Range of Motion4222
Plastic Free Motion4223
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