Fuzion Elbow

The Fuzion Elbow Orthosis is designed for those patients who need a custom orthosis that offers greater comfort and control.

The anterior wrap design allows for additional support through compression containment. Compression control tends to help the body relax during episodes of spasticity. The Fuzion Elbow can be used as a solid orthosis with either an anterior or posterior opening, or a bivalve design for immobilization post operatively. Dynamic or static elbow joints can be added to the Fuzion Elbow for contracture management.


  • Contracture management
  • Immobilization post operatively
  • Pediatric and adult pressure sensitive patients
  • Nocturnal positioning control


  • The solid design can be used to immobilize the elbow
  • Dynamic or static elbow joints can be added for contracture management
  • Can be used post operatively
  • An alternative to plastic braces for patients
  • who are pressure sensitive