Fuzion KAFO

The Fuzion KAFO offers the same control as a standard plastic KAFO with the additional benefits of greater comfort due to better compression.

The circumferential wrap on the Fuzion KAFO firmly and comfortably holds the leg to enable greater structured biomechanical positioning. Since the design of the Fuzion KAFO encompasses the leg over the anterior section, the patient feels added comfort and support that only a Fuzion KAFO can bring versus discomfort that is sometimes associated with a standard plastic KAFO.


  • Ideal alternative to standard plastic KAFOs
  • Designed to encapsulate the foot and leg with greater comfort, control and compression
  • Bi-valve and tongue options allow for better management of patients with fluctuating edema
  • Available for both pediatric and adult patients


  • Flaccid drop foot with associated knee instability
  • Spasticity management of the leg and foot
  • Genu Valgum/Varum Instability
  • Intolerance of standard plastic and metal and leather KAFOs
  • Pressure sensitive patients
  • Pediatric and adult patient applications