Fuzion WHO

The Fuzion WHO is designed for those patients who cannot tolerate standard plastic WHOs.

When comfort is a major consideration, the Fuzion design uniquely cradles the wrist, hand and forearm to give firm comfortable control. Patients with spastic upper extremities will experience the added benefit of Fuzion’s compressive properties to help relax the hand and wrist. Wrist joints can be added to the Fuzion WHO for either dynamic or static contracture management. The Fuzion WHO can also be fabricated with a bivalve design for donning and doffing for challenging patients.


  • Pediatric and adult spastic patients
  • Upper extremity contracture management
  • Nocturnal positioning control
  • Patients who cannot tolerate standard plastic WHOs


  • Greater comfort and control than other Wrist Hand Orthoses
  • Wrist joints can be added for additional contracture management
  • Also available in bivalve design for ease of donning/doffing
  • Available in both pediatric and adult patients