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Cruciform Extension Orthosis

This spinal hyperextension orthosis is specifically designed to extend the thoracic spine, prevent forward flexion and limit rotation. The patented compound closure system provides excellent low back support, additional comfort and adjustable relief. Effective stabilization allows patients to resume activities of daily living and reduces the tendency for deconditioning secondary to inactivity.

Key Benefits

  • Increases thoracic extension
  • Lightweight, low-profile design fits under clothing
  • Compound closure adjusts for right or left pull-tab operation
  • Sternal relief Anterior Thoracic Extension (ATE) provides total contact in the pectoral grooves and reduces pressure on the sternum
  • Hinged pubic pad enhances comfort and patient compliance
  • Easy-to-fit and apply
  • Standard California closure attaches to anterior plastic shell
  • Patient adjustable compression
  • Two center bar slots allow 9 cm height adjustment at each end
  • Immediate fitting for acute compression fractures


  • Stable compression fractures between T-7 and L-2
  • Patients with flexible thoracic kyphosis
  • Need for thoracic extension to correct flexed posture
  • Thoracic instability and fractures accompanied by low back pain
  • Need for extension or hyperextension to promote spinal alignment and reduce pain
ConfigurationModel #*Vertical Bar
Adjustment Range
Waist Size

For an extended vertical bar adjustment range of 15½”-22½” add suffix .01, (i.e., 3380.01).
*If you stock Plug-n-Play components, different part numbers will apply.