California Laguna

Easy trim-to-fit belt fits waists 22″-66″. L0627, L0631 & L0637 approved models available.

The California Laguna Spinal Brace — a revolutionary addition to the California Soft Spinal System. Minimizes product inventory with an easy, trim-to-fit belt. The Laguna is a completely modular, customizable brace that’s easy-to-fit yet simple for the patient to tighten as well as don and doff. Interchangeable posterior panels conform to the curvature of the back, providing support while maximizing patient comfort and compliance. With the Laguna, you can now design a cohesive and comprehensive spinal system that satisfies the stabilization needs of any patient.



  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Degenerative Spinal Pathologies

Rigid Panels

  • Post-operative laproscopic disk replacement
  • Post-operative lumbar laminectomy
  • Post-operative spinal fusion
  • Mechanical back pain with activities of daily living
  • When spinal control of extension and flexion is desired/required
Laguna 626 Laguna 627 Laguna 631 Laguna 637   Laguna
Waist/Shell Relationship Belt Anterior Panel 631 Posterior Panel 637 Posterior Panel   Posterior Height
XB7800         626 26”-31” XB7800         9”
  XB7803       627 31”-36” XB7800 XB10       9”
    XB7804     631 36”-41” XB7800 XB10 XB04     14”
    XB7805     631 41”-46” XB7800 XB10 XB05     15½”
    XB7806     631 46”-51” XB7800 XB10 XB06     16½”
      XB7807   637 51”-56” XB7800 XB10   XB07   12”
      XB7808   637 56”-61” XB7800 XB10   XB08   14½”
      XB7809   637 61”-66” XB7800 XB10   XB09   15½”