California ECO

The ECO stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine to ease pain.

The Extension Compression Orthosis was developed to comfortably extend the thoracic spine and unweight the wedged vertebral body in order to promote healing and pain relief. The ECO stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine to ease pain. Effective for individuals with Osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, thoracic strains, and debilitating Kyphosis.

The ECO is as simple to apply as a backpack or jacket, with easy-to-reach self-adjusting and padded shoulder straps. The metal spinal frame can be easily contoured to the patient’s thoracic and lumbar spine.


  • Thoracic compression fractures
  • Kyphosis
  • Early through late stages of osteoporosis
  • Strain in upper thoracic spine due to sustained positioning at keyboard or other repetitive tasks
  • Acute pain relieved by thoracic extension

Key Benefits

  • Patented California Compression abdominal component, made of cool, breathable mesh provides cinching mechanical advantage
  • Detachable abdominal component can be used independently of remaining system to provide a functional lumbar spinal orthosis
  • Durable, one-pull compound closure provides patient adjustable compression
  • Patient-controlled shoulder extension improves compliance and tolerance
  • Non-twisting strap design makes application easy for elderly individuals with limited shoulder mobility
  • Requires no tools for fitting procedure
  • Padded shoulder straps loosen without completely unfastening in order to facilitate simple reapplication
  • Contourable aluminum “s­pine” is lined with CoolFoam™ and extends from the thoracic area to the sacrococcygeal junction
SizeStandardTallWaist Circ.

The height of the posterior aluminum spine on the standard model is 16½” and the tall model is 18½. The tall size is usually indicated for patients 5’9″ and taller. The anterior height is approximately 7″.