California Soft Spinal System

Modular, adjustable spinal orthosis system for many patient profiles

The original prefabricated California Soft Spinal Orthosis can now be ordered with a variety of new components to offer a comprehensive range of control. New configurations include a low-cut anterior panel, posterior spinal relief (PSR) panel, and either a one-pull and two-pull closure system. This spinal system offers effective treatment solutions for a variety of clinical indications.


  • Completely modular, adjustable, and lightweight LSO or TLSO designs
  • Easy donning/doffing and comfort to facilitate optimal patient compliance
  • Anterior and posterior insert panels that can be modified for support and stabilization
  • Pre-drilled components retrofitting and interchangeability
  • Breathable Coolfoam™ material that wicks away moisture

Low-Cut Anterior Panel

  • Accommodates patients who have problems tolerating xiphoid height spinal systems, those with shorter stature and patients with respiratory problems

One-Pull Compound Closure System

  • One-pull adjustable compression tab provides a quick and simple application
  • Low profile design
  • X-ray compatibility
  • Accommodates hip development to enhance fit and function

Posterior Spinal Relief

  • Provides post-operative support and clearance for spinal incisions
  • Facilitates dressing changes and wound inspection

The original California Soft Spinal Orthosis is designed to alleviate pain, limit undesirable motion, and provide circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine. The system’s modularity, adjustability, and interchangeability address many different patient profiles and the changing needs of each patient.
The lightweight construction is optimal for patients requiring support for daily activities such as lifting, long periods of standing, work-related motions, and self-care tasks.

Indications for use include, but are not limited to

  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Post-operative support
  • Activity or work-related low back pain
  • Low lumbar laminectomy
  • Arthritic changes
  • Kyphotic and lordotic postures
  • Disc herniation or degeneration
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spinal metastasis

Options include (must be specified when ordering)

  • Low-cut anterior panel
  • Posterior spinal relief panel
  • One-pull compound closure system
  • Double-pull compound closure system
  • Anterior thoracic extension (ATE)
  • Posterior thoracic extension (PTE)
  • Dorsal pad strap kit
  • Anterior plastic panels (neutral or pendulous abdomen)
  • Posterior plastic panels (15 or 0 degrees)

PDAC Approved HCPCS Codes

  • L0631/L0648
  • L0637/L0650
  • L0639/L0651

California Standard Orthosis – Men

SizeModel #W/ Opt. PSR BackChestWaistHips

California Standard Orthosis – Women

SizeModel #W/ Opt. PSR BackChestWaistHips

Specify optional components when ordering (additional charges may apply).