California LOMBAR

California® LOMBAR™ Lightweight Osteoporosis Mobility Brace for Active Rehabilitation. The new LOMBAR is a streamlined, low-profile customizable orthosis that promotes thoracic extension through targeted vertebral separation. The “aluminum spine” provides strength while conforming intimately to the patient’s body to provide stability and pain relief. The apron front closes with hook and loop Velcro® via dual pull tabs with finger pockets for easily controllable, adjustable abdominal compression. This lightweight and low-profile design allows individuals to continue normal daily activities without impingement and interference from the orthosis.


  • Soft CoolFoam™ liner
  • Patient-controlled thoracic extension straps
  • Aluminum posterior frame allows precise contouring to the patient’s anatomy
  • Finger pocket compression tabs facilitate independent donning
  • Superior lateral control


  • Thoracic pain/instability
  • Thoracic compression fractures
  • Early stages of Osteoporosis\
  • Acute and chronic pain relieved by thoracic extension
  • Post-operative support
  • Kyphosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
Model #HeightPosterior Height
Standard3285Patients up to 5’9″16½”
Tall3286Patients 5’9″ or taller18½”

Can accommodate up to 55″ waist only.